financial education

financial education

Financial online resources available to Small Business Owners

Growing your business and remaining profitable whilst not running out of cash, is one of the hardest financial challenges you have.

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Are you running a small business and looking for expert finance advice?

Not yet big enough to hire enough resources to help, yet you know you have a great business in the making.

My resources have been created to help you to navigate the essentials of financial management and control, for your small business today. I cover all the key, critical areas of financial management that you as an entrepreneur and small business owner, must understand to grow your business successfully. 

For you, Cash is your number one priority so let start here.

You probably already know that Cash is King and if you don’t, take a look at the second  video clip   on my evideos page.This explains in real terms, why that is.

The advice, articles and blogs I write are with you in mind. I know you want practical advice which you can readily apply in your business. My aim is to be as specific as I can. My EBook 10 Brilliant Cash Flow Tactics that will Buy Your Small Business Time,  explains word for word what you need to actually say to your suppliers to help you with managing your cash flow!

If you are a Start-up you want more help in knowing what are the first things to focus on in terms of your financial numbers.

If you have been around for a few more years, you want to know what numbers to look at and what financial metrics you should be using to help propel your business forward.

This selection of resources is forever growing based on what are the most common questions I get asked from small business owners like yourself. I produce my information in a range of formats so it can suit how you best like to learn. 


My blogs and my Burning Questions brief are produced monthly. My most popular question so far; If my business is making profits, why is there no cash in the bank?

empty pockets

This was inspired by a plaintive cry from a business owner I know, who had been running his business for over 7 years. He was simply tired of never seeming to have enough cash to draw out for himself. He worked really hard in his business but unfortunately was still not seeing the increased cash coming back to him even though on paper his business looked profitable! 

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My Ecourses: These are inspired by those who have come and asked for my help based on Finance not being their specialism.

66% off . £9 with this link

66% off . £9 with this link

My first course Learn Business Finance: Win more work as a Business Coach was produced to help business coaches who asked me for help in enabling them to coach their small business owners on cost control and financial management. If you are a business coach, you often know there’s a financial problem but you don’t know where the key focus areas are and how to look for them. Overheads I recommend are the easier area to tackle if you are a non-finance expert and lends itself to coaching the results from the business owner himself. I advocate taking a Cost Efficiencies approach, not Cost Cutting.

You can learn more about this course here.

HOw to Grow your small business imageMy Second  course How to Grow your Small Business and Not Run out of Cash is for Entrepreneurs and Startups who are overwhelmed by the endless amounts of information on what numbers and metrics  you are supposed to use to help you manage your business finances. Heres a quick 90 minute course to help you focus on the critical and most effective numbers you should measure, to grow your business in the most profitable way. This can also be found on my ecourses page here



video-imageMy Evideos are made to provide you with quick briefs on a particular area I feel is crucial to helping you to be successful with your business. Sometimes you need to understand the principle of how something works before you can apply lots of the generic advice you get from the rest of the web. My Evideo on Understanding your cash cycle will save you huge amounts of time and effort on managing your cash flow because it helps you understand your own specific cash cycle for your business. You will then be able to know where to focus if cash gets ‘blocked’ aswell as how to calculate how much spare cash you need to be carrying in your business in order to avoid cash flow issues. You can check this out here.


documents imageMy EForms have been designed by me and are available for you to download free. You may know what measures you need to have in your business but a nice ready-made template or spreadsheet is going to help you to quickly implement this into your business. Another way to save you time and to ensure this does the job you want it to do.

The First Financial Management Spreadsheet is a spreadsheet I created to help a sole trader I know, to capture all his sales and cost information. Sometime it’s just not cost effective to get a Bookkeeper to keep your records, especially for very small businesses and sole traders. I have also provide a helpful video to guide you through how to use this. This will definitely be sufficient for your needs up to £100K turnover. Check it out here.


Finally, perhaps you have a question or area of financial management which still puzzles you and just having someone to ask can be comforting. Maybe you work from home, you are a sole trader with no bookkeeper, or simply your accountant is never around to pick up the phone! I offer you real access to a Finance Expert. Please email me with any questions you have and I will try to respond as best I can Free of Charge. As long as you are happy for me to publish my answer through my Eresouces page. I always, of course, keep your name and identity fully anonymous.

 Please send your questions to me here, I am waiting to hear from you!