5 Questions SME’s should be asking their Accountant

So its that time again and it’s time to speak to your accountant about the results for your business.

This may often be a one way conversation where he tells you some key headlines and you nod and agree or maybe you come away feeling that you should have got more from the meeting.

I have put together 5 questions which you should be asking your accountant in order to help you with generating ideas on how to better manage the performance of your company.


  1. What in-house measures can I put in place so that I can measure on a more frequent basis how my company is performing.
  2. What areas do I need to focus on to improve my profit margin?
  3. How can I reduce my overheads without impacting my ability to generate sales?
  4. How much cash can I draw out of my business on a monthly basis to pay myself?
  5. Looking at my accounts, where are your areas of concern and what are my options or what advice do  you have to help mitigate these looking forwards.


Try them and if you find you need more  focused help for your business contact me via my contact page.

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