Hayley Chiba, Better Numbers Ltd: Three areas where small businesses can learn from the large corporates

Twenty five years of working in corporate industry, in senior financial roles, has taught me that although it is the financials which will tell you if you are achieving success in your business, the route to success is through understanding yourself and your people.

The corporates have normally been around for longer and are further on in the journey so there is much which can be learned from them, especially if you are just starting out.

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SME’s; How to make the most of the opportunities from the Hinkley power plant expansion.

What a fantastic opportunity for SME’s in the Bristol and Bridgewater area with the announcement of the go ahead to build the Nuclear Power station at Hinkley in Somerset. Although there is concern over final energy prices, I believe that there are great opportunities for SME’s to profit from this expansion and to help grow our local economy. I have listed 3 key areas where opportunities will exist for the SME.

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