Free Finance Forms Templates and Spreadsheets .

I have created a number of free finance forms templates and spreadsheets. These are designed with the small business in mind. Simple Cheat sheet or more detailed spreadsheets these cover all the key aspects of financial management.

Cashflow-tactics-grid-300x169 Forms and Templates





Just  because you have just started your business doesn't mean you shouldn't start collecting your financial data and making sense of it from day 1.

Infact one of the main reasons why many startups fail is because they run out of cash before they even get to being profitable. 

Collecting your key data, tracking it and analysing trends, will allow you to make the best decisions about your business at the time. It doesn't have to be complicated, just 30 minutes a week spent on good financial management, will allow you to grow your business faster and safely

I have created a simple spreadsheet-YOUR FIRST FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT SPREADSHEET- which is available to download HERE

Automatically create your own Profit and Loss Statement without having to use accounting software. Step by Step simple instructions included. Based on Basic Excel spreadsheets.
Cashflow-tactics-grid-300x169 Forms and Templates

Produce a simple Profit and Loss for your business using my free template

Cashflow-tactics-grid-300x169 Forms and Templates

Simple Step by Step instructions included


A Simple Pricing Template

 Are you sure that your pricing is making you profit and fully covering your costs?  This simple pricing template will help you. I have specifically designed it for those businesses where labour is the main resource. It is the labour costs then which drive up the costs of the contract. This will appeal to contract based work especially in the creative industries.

It is important to know if you are going to make a profit when agreeing to do a job.This spreadsheet provides a  template to work with. You can add your business specific staff and types of overheads to tailor this to your business. I have incorporated the logic of ensuring that your overheads are charged to each job, based on the number of direct labour hours required for the job. This template is designed to give an indicative price of what should be offered or agreed with your customer. This will make sure that the job is competitive, realistic and profitable to  you. The Profit margin, calculated as  profit as a % of sales  should be reviewed ongoing. This is to ensure that this margin is acceptable to  you. If you do decide to price differently to the target or budget price this margin figure will of course change. It is for you to decide if this margin is acceptable for your business. So if  you are currently pricing based on ‘the back of a fag packet’. Or maybe you price based on ‘what feels right’? This template will provide you with a good check to ensure you are on track to make a profit. Download by clicking the link below. template-Pricing-Model

Your Financial Management Healthcheck. For Small Business and Business Coaches.

Do you have that nagging doubt that your financial management is not that great.

Running your own business is hard work and finance is often the area which is left until last. So what level of Financial Management is critical to an small business? What can you get by on and what areas should you absolutely make sure you are covering? Well of course this will all depend on your company and its  stage in its lifecycle and  more importantly what speed of growth are you aiming for. I have developed a  basic Financial  Management Health Check Questionnaire. This covers what I see as the development of Financial Management requirements as your business grows. The questions you should be asking yourself will depend very much on whether you are in startup mode, growth or fast growth.Download this simple file, print off and answer the questions. I have colour coded the questions so that  you can focus on those areas which reflect you business now and whether you are aiming to grow slowly or quickly. Brown-  These areas are  critical to start up  companies Green- Additional to Brown plus further areas to be covered for slow growth or newly post launch businesses. Fast Growth companies  should evaluate  all the questions to discover their areas of weakness.

Download (DOC, 76KB)

Is you business always running out of cash, Perhaps every month you go through the same cycle of cash surplus to cash scarcity.

How do you break out of this endless loop?

I will show you how to find the answers to your own cash flow problem.

Most importantly, how to prevent them becoming issues again. Please CLICK BELOW