Financial Management To Steer You In The Right Direction

When you’re building a profitable business, using accurate financial information to decide about growth and strategy is crucial. It can also be a minefield!

I offer a financial control service that demystifies your monthly accounts. It is particularly useful if:

  • The numbers you’re looking at don’t seem right, but you’re not sure why.
  • You can’t work out if you’re making a profit, and if so, where it’s coming from.
  • You’re experiencing cash flow problems.
  • You want to scale the business but are not sure if it’s possible.
  • You want to improve profit and reduce risk but don’t know the best processes to implement.


The first step is to undertake a thorough financial review of your business. After that, I offer ongoing financial control services as well as outsourced financial management.

Tailored Financial Health Check

This tailored financial review will tell you exactly what shape your business is in.

Whether you’re struggling to understand your numbers, have a specific issue in your business or need reassurance that your finances are being properly managed, I provide:a full breakdown of your financial position. There’s no jargon, no gibberish just straightforward information that can help you grow your business.

I can cover the following areas:

  • Details of your profitability: where it comes from and how to improve it.


  • An insight into how your financial management compares with your business plan, as well as industry benchmarks.


  • Recommendations for tackling weaker areas of the business.


  • Advice on developing a growth strategy.


This one-off review is ideal if you’ve recently experienced high growth and no longer have the capacity to juggle the increased numbers in your head! Once you have an overview of your finances, your tailored report will also enable you to build your own financial management capability.

Explore the sample reviews below to find out how a financial review could help your business. If you’d like to book a review, please get in touch.


Financial Controller

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Once we have a comprehensive overview of your company’s finances, I can continue to provide financial control services to your business. This usually involves spending afew day a month with you and your team and is an ideal solution when you don’t need a full-time resource.

I can help with:

  • Managing your cash flow and liaising with external funders and banks.


  • Implementing your monthly management accounts.


  • Setting up KPIs and financial dashboards to measure your business position.


  • Scenario analysis to ensure your decision-making is based on hard data.


  • Pricing models, break-even analysis and financial modelling to improve operational efficiency.


I enjoy working as part of the team I’m helping. I have a proactive, hands-on approach and will spend time with most areas of your company. In fact, in many cases I’ve become a trusted advisor to the business owner and management team, helping not just with finance but also with other facets of the business.





Finance Resources

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You might decide from the outcome of the financial review that your business would benefit from outsourcing your financial management. I can provide qualified and reliable support staff to manage your:

  1. Management accounting
  2. Payroll
  3. Bookkeeping
  4. Credit control
  5. Purchase ledger and sales ledger

Your main contact will be with me. I train the staff, standardise the processes they use and oversee the support they provide. This means you can be sure that your figures are reliable, timely and relevant for your business.

To find out more about outsourcing your financial management, please get in touch


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