How to Increase Business Profits

The only way to increase sustainable profits is to really understand your numbers. That doesn't mean you have to understand all your numbers, just the critical ones.

This section will show you

  • What are the critical numbers a small business needs to know.
  • How to calculate these 
  • How to increase business profits by using these numbers.

A Simple Spreadsheet For Startups and Entrepreneurs




profit-dashboard-fb How To Increase Business Profits

Increase you Business Profits by Measuring your Results


Your First Financial Management Spreadsheet for Startups, Entrepreneurs and Home Businesses.

Just  because you have just started your business doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start collecting your financial data and making sense of it from day 1.

Infact one of the main reasons why many startups fail is because they run out of cash before they even get to being profitable. 

Collecting your key data, tracking it and analysing trends, will allow you to make the best decisions about your business at the time. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just 30 minutes a week spent on good financial management, will allow you to grow your business faster and safely

I have created a simple spreadsheet-


which is available for you to  download.

Automatically create your own Profit and Loss Statement without having to use accounting software. Step by Step simple instructions included. Based on Basic Excel spreadsheets.

How To Get Your Pricing Right so You Build in Profit

profit-dashboard-fb How To Increase Business Profits

Are you sure that your pricing is making you profit and fully covering your costs?

My simple pricing template will help you ensure your pricing is correct. I have specifically designed it for those businesses where labour is the main resource. It is these labour costs  which drive up the costs of the job.

This spreadsheet is idea for contract based work especially in the creative industries.

It is important to know if you are going to make a profit when agreeing to do a job.This spreadsheet provides a  template to work with. You can add your business specific staff and types of overheads to tailor this to your business. I have incorporated the logic of ensuring that your overheads are charged to each job, based on the number of direct labour hours required for the job.

This template is designed to give an indicative price of what should be offered or agreed with your customer. This will make sure that the job is competitive, realistic and profitable to  you. The Profit Margin, calculated as  profit as a % of sales  should be reviewed ongoing. This is to ensure that this margin is acceptable to  you. If you do decide to price differently to the target or budget price this margin figure will of course change. It is for you to decide if this margin is acceptable for your business.

So if  you are currently pricing based on ‘the back of a fag packet’. Or maybe you price based on ‘what feels right’? This template will provide you with a good check to ensure you are on track to make a profit. Download by clicking the link below.