Sole Traders Simple Profit spreadsheet

Sole Traders Simple Profit spreadsheet

If you are a Sole trader, keeping all your receipts in a shoe box under the bed is not going to help you in making the every day decisions you need to make. You of course probably know this, but what  is the alternative? The first step could be to try to organise this information by logging this onto a simple spreadsheet to help you see on a frequent basis  how you are doing, are you making money? If you have a laptop and you have Excel this spreadsheet is very simple to use. Follow the instructions on the tab called “Instructions” and start to regularly iinput  all your income and outgoings to generate the output information on the tab called “Summary”. Furthermore,  by keeping all your backup  paper receipts segregated by month in seperate plastic folders ready for handing over with your spreadsheet, your end of year bookeeping or  accountancy bill will be greatly reduced.

Download (XLS, 160KB)

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