My online Video Tutorials will help you quickly understand how to improve the Financial Management of your Small Business

Worried whether you have made profit this month? – Learn how to calculate your breakeven point.

Knowing what sales  you need to do in the month in order  to cover all your costs, is one of the most powerful numbers  to know  for your business. If there  is only one figure you use to measure performance  in your small business, this is the most important  one!






Do you understand the difference between Business Cash and Business Profit?

This video tutorial is about my friend Ali, the Cake Maker. I explain how the figures used to calculate profit are different to those figures used to calculate Cash. So what? This 5 minute video tutorial will ensure you never make a decision based on cash, when it should be based on profit. And vice versa!



Do you understand your Cash Cycle?

The main reason a  business will run into cash flow issues is directly related to how well you understand your business cash cycle. Watch my video tutorial and think about how this applies to your own business.






I am the target text.

CASH IS KING- But what does that really mean to Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners?