Get your “burning” finance question answered.

Get your “burning” finance question answered.

Every small business owner has a  “burning” finance related question. You may not be aware of it, but if you are trying to grow your business, not finding the answer could be holding you back.

I asked this question recently to a local small business owner group and was supplied with:

1) What does someone mean when they say ‘ you need to know  your numbers..what are those numbers?’

2) What are the most common reasons why a business does not make money?

3) If I am making profit, why do I not have any money in the bank?

I am writing an ebook and I would like to capture  more great questions like these, so that I can  answer the burning questions which are holding you back from growth.

Sometimes it can be the  simple things that can stop you from growing.

I worked with a business just recently who’s burning question was, Am I making money? Am I making a profit? Although they had accounting systems in place , they were not kept properly up to date and costs were misclassified. The numbers which flowed into the profit reports were not credible and the owners ‘gut feel’ told her they were simply not the right numbers.

After sorting out her accounts and showing  her she was infact making a tidy 18% net profit I have seen dramatic changes in her business. More  resourcing, more marketing and a consequencial growth  in sales.

Just knowing can push you forward!

Please visit this link to vote for one of the three questions above or add your own.

Burning Questions Poll

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To thank you for taking part, I will email  you back directly with my expert advice, in response to your own burning question. All questions are strictly confidential.

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